Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Prof. Dolores Cahill, lawyer Viviane Fischer questioning mRNA vaccine

Mirrored from Mariaisler70, 22/01/2021 (29min): Advocaat Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Prof. Dolores Cahill en advocate Viviane Fischer betwijfelen de veiligheid van een mRNA vaccin. Mariaisler70 @ Bitchute:

Has C-19 been Isolated? Derrick Broze with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance. Journalist Derrick Broze interviews controversial doctors Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan about the isolation and purification of Covid19. Don’t miss this! Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Dr. Thomas Cowan: Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us […]

Year End Review and Thoughts on the Future by Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, January 12, 2021. In today’s video, I review highlights of the previous year and give a description of the important points regarding the Moderna and Pfizer injectable drugs, erroneously referred to as vaccines. My intention with this video is to help you consolidate and integrate what we have learned about […]

Vervolg verhoren BPOC met Pierre Capel, emeritus hoogleraar experimentele immunologie

Gespiegeld van de Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie 2020 covid maatregelen: Hoorzitting 9 januari – Emeritus Hoogleraar in de Experimentele Immunologie. BPOC: Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie:

Derrick Broze discusses the Solutions to The Great Reset with Dr. Mercola

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance Network: Dr. Mercola discusses the Solutions to The Great Reset. Derrick Broze interview Dr. Joseph Mercola about The Great Reset, the growth of technocracy, cryptocurrency, Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory and more. Dr. Mercola will be speaking at the upcoming event The Greater Reset Activation. Find out more: Find […]

Tiffany Dover Dead! Another vaccine casualty via lethal injection!

Mirrored from Debess, 12-28-2020: There’s been a massive campaign to debunk the fact that Tiffany Dover has died — this video shows that every piece of supposed evidence is unfounded. There’s been “NO PROOF OF LIFE” of Tiffany Dover.. until there’s verifiable proof of life, the sad truth is that Tiffany Dover has passed. Video […]

Andrew Kaufman discusses German New Medicine with Andi Locke Mears and Melissa Sell

Mirrored from Andrew Kaufman: To learn more from Andi: To learn more from Melissa: For Dr. Kaufman:,