UTOPIA ~ Short Film by Kosta Nikas – Omeleto

Utopia by Kosta Nikas | Sci-Fi A man lives in a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones. https://odysee.com/@yabba:e/A-man-lives-in-a-society-where-citizens-police-each-other-with-their-mobile-phones.-_-Utopia:a Source: http://omeleto.com/255488/More Films like this: http://omeleto.com/ Mirrored from @yabba: https://odysee.com/@yabba:e

Alison McDowell: The Technocratic Takeover Decoded – Ice Age Farmer Podcast

Reposted from The Ice Age Farmer, 21-5-2021 (89min). In this stunning Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian is joined by Alison McDowell, a mother and researcher studying the World Economic Forum’s “4th Industrial Revolution”: the global takeover of industries and public policies by central banks, multinational corporations, big tech technocrats, and billionaire-funded foundations. Alison is uniquely […]

World Alternative Media – EXPOSED: MASS Death In India? Or FAKE NEWS? + Australian Government Says Vax Is Poison?!

Mirrored from World Alternative Media, 27-4-2021 (22min). Josh Sigurdson reports on the huge breaking news of mass death in India from the covaids. Videos come out of dead bodies literally falling out of ambulances in India. The reality however is that all of this news is absolutely fake. The deaths in India are going up […]

Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply Chain – The Ice Age Farmer

Mirrored from The Ice Age Farmer (13min). Spraying your food with genetically modified spores with custom DNA sequences in order to trace it through the global supply chain sounds like science fiction, but one company funded by SOSV — the same VC behind ‘food replacement’ companies like Memphis Meats, Finless Foods, and NotCo — has […]

Reiner Fuellmich Interview 21 April 2021 (ss titres francais)

Mirrored from Mariaisler70, 26-4-2021 (69min). German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich participated in an interview conducted by Stéphane Blais and attorney Dominic Desjarlais (Quebec). Topic: lawsuits against world governments, for crimes against humanity.Progress is being made and many lies are being unveiled… The German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich (1958) has had a long career in which he has […]

Unregistered 161: Thaddeus Russell interviews James Corbett

Fascinating two hour talk from Unregistered Podcast with Thaddeus Russel: I was joined by James Corbett of The Corbett Report, which was just taken down from Youtube, to discuss open vs. closed conspiracies, the history of eugenics and other forms of social engineering, the ideology of scientism, and the world’s deadliest weapon—narrative. https://odysee.com/@FearlessNation:7/Unregistered-161-James-Corbett-(VIDEO):a Source: Unregistered […]

Pieter Stuurman met Ullrich Mies – Techno-fascisme en het einde van de democratie

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz (71min): Ullrich Mies over het einde van de democratie en de rechtstaat “De democratie is afgeschaft, de rechtsstaat functioneert niet meer.” Dat is de harde conclusie van de Duitse socioloog, politicoloog en schrijver Ullrich Mies in dit interview met Pieter Stuurman over de gevolgen van het coronabeleid in de Europese samenlevingen. Volgens […]

Outcry to the World, From Israel!!! Flavio Pasquino talks with Ilana Rachel

Mirrored from BlckbxTV, 10-3-2021 (26min): Ilana Rachel Daniel came with an emotional outcry for help from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. At record speed, the government is trying to vaccinate the entire population – including pregnant women and small children – against the corona virus. “Civil rights are put aside and people can only participate […]

Blckbx TV – Documentaire “Davos Ontcijferd”, Stakeholder Capitalism volgens Schwab…

Gespiegeld van BlckbxTV, 5-3-2021 ( min): Deze docu is zeer waarschijnlijk niet in lijn met de huidige richtlijnen van het WHO en daarmee Youtube. Introductie Flavio Pasquino: Je kunt de daarom nu via Rumble bekijken op onze site. https://blckbx.tv/videos/davos-ontcij…​ Help ons: Jij kan helpen met een donatie maar ook door deze video te delen op […]