TLAV – Reported Vaccine Deaths Up 8X In 2021 & Chris Whitty Says “No More Lockdowns, Treat Covid Like Flu”

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 2-4-2021 (93min): Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours:

BPOC2020 founders Pedro and Jade Kuit talk with Heiko Schöning, Chairman ACU2020

Mirrored from Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie 2020, 4-4-2021 (100min). Heiko Schöning – Chairman and co-founder of the German External Parliamentary Inquiry Committee: Source:

Police on Guard – Julius Ruechel interviews Len Faul, retired Toronto Police Service Inspector

Mirrored from Police On Guard, 1-4-2021 (80min): Watch Police on Guard’s, Len Faul, a retired Toronto Police Service Inspector and Julius Ruechel’s Stop the Lockdown interview. Police On Guard: & You can access Julius’ website at

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction – and Could Wipe out the Human Race

Mirrored from Dr. Vernon Coleman, 13-3-2021 (22min): Dr Coleman says this is the most crucial video he’s ever made about covid-19. Please share this video widely. To receive notifications every time Dr Coleman releases a new video, please download the brand new tube app ⁣….apps/details?id=com. For further unbiased information about other important matters, please […]

Good Vibes @ World Wide Rally For Freedom 20 March 2021 – Amsterdam

Post Update 21-3-2021: Today finally -after a year of lock-down lunacy- thousands of people gathered in peace and love to march for freedom. Veterans and doctors and nurses lined up to protect the freedom alliance from the fluor brigade. Things are changing! Video’s mirrored from De Kapitein and Patriot Freedom Dutch TV: Video mirrored from […]

Israeli fears a new Holocaust is coming – Shai Dannon talks with David Icke

Mirrored from David Icke, 4-3-2021 (65min). Our Video Sponsor – Lyfeloop – The Answer is available now at Sign up to the brand new Ickonic Media Platform – World Tour Tickets – All David’s Books Now Available Here Latest News From David Icke – Social Media […]

International & Dutch update with Reiner Fuellmich @ Viruswaarheid -Virus Truth

Mirrored from Mariaisler70, 6-3-2021 (55min). Viruswaarheid (Virus Truth) activists Willem Engel and Jeroen Pols (Lawyer) talk with Reiner Fuellmich about the fight against the misuse of PCR, informed consent, the international crimes against humanity which eventually could lead to creating a Neurenberg 2.0 or Global Covid-19 Code, about the opening up of Texas and other […]