Green Real 9 – Homestead Paradise: got barren land, boosted it at a profit (Film by Kirsten Dirksen)

A *Fair Companies Film Mirrored from Kirsten Dirksen, 27-3-2021 (53min). In the early 90s, Mark and Jen Shepard bought a degraded corn farm in Viola, Wisconsin, and began to slowly convert it from row-crops back to a native oak savanna that would become one of the most productive perennial farms in the country. After 8 […]

Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends | Ep 22: Christopher Gardner

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan (57min): Hi everyone. Today’s podcast guest is an interesting gardener/inventor/water innovator who is doing some interesting experiments with water purification, biochar, and the shape and form of houses. In this interview, Christopher Gardner describes how he arrived at the optimal shape of housing, water purification systems, and storage tanks and […]

Liberty on the Land Podcast – Curtis Stone with Christian Westbrook / The Ice Age Farmer

Mirrored from Urban Farmer Curtis Stone’s the Liberty on the Land Podcast Episode 20 (2-13-2021, 104min). The Urban Farmer: and The Ice Age Farmer: and

The Freedom Cell Network – The Greater Reset Activation Day 6: Bonus Day of Solutions

Mirrored from John Bush, 1-31-2021. The Greater Reset Activation Day 6: Bonus Day of Solutions Activists, Permaculture Farmers, and Solutionaries unite for The Greater Reset Activation, an alternative to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Activists, researchers, influencers, permaculturists and entrepreneurs are coming together to participate in The Greater Reset, an initiative of The Freedom […]

The Freedom Cell Network announcing The Greater Reset Activation, January 25th – 29th

Mirrored from John Bush: Announcing The Greater Reset Activation, an initiative of The Freedom Cell Network. John Bush and Derrick Broze announce the speakers and details of the upcoming event The Greater Reset! Stay tuned to this important announcement focused on the solutions to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda. Details: Support The […]

Solution Think – Freedom Cell Network

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance: Freedom Cell Network 3.0 – The Solution You Are Looking For! Derrick Broze is back for a quick update on The Freedom Cell Network and two new initiatives! It’s time to get involved, get organized, and join the growing movement: The Greater Reset: Derrick Broze is back for […]

Green Real 7 – Fifty years off-grid: architect-maker paradise amid North Californian redwoods

Mirrored from Kirsten Dirksen: In 1968, Charles Bello and his wife, Vanna Rae, moved onto 240 acres of redwood forest looking to live a simpler life off the land. They had spent their savings to purchase the land so they got to work building their home themselves. Their first structure was a panelized A-frame that […]