Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends – Episode 14: Ross Barrable

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 1-7-2021: In today’s podcast interview, I explore with Ross Barrable the healing effects of sound waves. The exciting part of these interviews for me is that I feel as if I am the one learning the most from my guests. Today’s interview was no exception. Please tune in and learn […]

The Moral Decline of the UK Healthcare System

Video mirrored from The Red Pill Info: Ylenia Angeli (73) feared for her mother’s (97) health during a window visit. The carer promptly took away her mother and hung up the phone that they were communicating through and closed the blinds. Northgate House “Care” Home located in East Riding of Yorkshire. The Red Pill Info: […]

Final Propblocker – Panta Rhei

Dit gesprek met Pierre Capel zegt genoeg en is voor mij de definitieve propblocker, het kroonvormige cirkeltje is weer rond. Meer informatie: Ik ga weer buiten spelen. Vaya con Dios.