Patrick M Wood @ The Delingpod on Technocracy and The Great Reset

Mirrored from The Delingpod Channel: Patrick M. Wood has been writing about the New World Order and the terrifying cult of Technocracy for nearly 50 years. In possibly the most important Delingpod ever, Patrick warns about the clear and present threat posed by the Great Reset. He talks about its origins, the threats it poses […]

The HighWire #190 – The Great Covid Reset with James Corbett

In The HighWire van deze week goed nieuws uit Denemarken -waar na massale demonstraties de verplichte vaccinatie is tegen gehouden-, nieuw onderzoek naar de aanwezigheid van Covid-19 in september 2019… en een boeiend interview door Del Bigtree met James Corbett over The Great Reset: The HighWire: The Corbett Report:

Green New Meal – The Ice Age Farmer

Mirrored from The Ice Age Farmer, 13 November: The “Green New Meal” agenda is in full swing, as McDonald’s new “McPlant” and Purina’s insect-based dog food signal that multinational companies are using social engineering to push Fake Food to the masses — and world governments are complicit, with the UK mulling a “Meat Carbon Tax” […]

Ice Age Farmer – 2020 Election: Dark Winter, Great Reset. “You’ll own nothing.”

Mirrored from The Ice Age Farmer: Christian announces the clear winner of the 2020 US Elections: the technocrats and their plan for a Dark Winter of lock downs and food shortages, enabling their Great Reset to roll forward into global “Happytalism.” We must fight this agenda at all levels in this critical moment. Share this […]

Green Steal 17 – Agenda 2030 en SDG 4-15,…

Video’s gespiegeld van: Zie dit channel en mijn eerdere posts voor deel 1,2 en 3 en dan gaan we weer, deel 4 over doel 4 van de groene agenda, luister huiver en lach: Ad 21-9-2020 doel 5: Ad 24-9-2020 doel 6: Ad 2-10-2020 doel 7: Ad 10-10-2020 doel 8: Ad 16-10-2020 doel 9: Ad […]