Monday Meme Show – Inaugural Memes

Mirrored from Benny Wills. Round 33: Regime Change Subscribe on BitChute – Sign-up for MEMES: Get PARRHESIA: Your support is much appreciated: Patreon: me: bc1qj95rmah79vazhuw4380xtw7u072ftexhveenke Herbalish: #BennyWills #MemeMonday

Singing “We Are The 99%”

Mirrored from The HighWire. Around the world fed up people are taking to the streets, standing up to draconian #COVID19 mandates. One group in Australia really caught our eye, take a look. #WeAreThe99Percent #Australia #GovernmentMandates #TheHighWire #DelBigtree Mirrored from Zach Connor, sung @ London demo 2020: Zach Connor: