How to Present Info for Visual Learners – #SolutionsWatch

Mirrored from The Corbett Report 2-3-2021 (53min). A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is often the case that a well-crafted image can get the point across much more effectively than a lengthy diatribe. Joining us to demonstrate this concept is the author of “Government — The Biggest Scam in History,” which makes […]

Covid, Tango and The Lagom Way – Documentary by Claudia Nye & Sean Spencer

Trapped in lockdown between the two extremes of Coronavirus deniers and lockdown orthodoxy, Nye is intrigued by Sweden’s approach: no lockdown, no school closures, no masks. She manages to secure an exclusive interview with Chief Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, whose steely resolve not to buckle under world mainstream media pressure means – among other things, tango […]

And Then They Came for the Books

Het laatste kunstwerkje van Truthstream Media is zorgwekkend. Websites en video’s worden gecensureerd, kritische boeken geband, andere perspectieven op de globale crisis voor gek versleten en nu lijkt ook de toegang tot bibliotheken en boeken bedreigd te worden. Zie ook deze relevante aflevering van The Corbett Report over het in de brand staan van de […]