UTOPIA ~ Short Film by Kosta Nikas – Omeleto

Utopia by Kosta Nikas | Sci-Fi A man lives in a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones. https://odysee.com/@yabba:e/A-man-lives-in-a-society-where-citizens-police-each-other-with-their-mobile-phones.-_-Utopia:a Source: http://omeleto.com/255488/More Films like this: http://omeleto.com/ Mirrored from @yabba: https://odysee.com/@yabba:e

Alfa Vedic – Navigating A Masked World Wide Awake w/ Laura Bolton

Podcast with Dr. Barre Lando and Mike Winner from Alfa Vedic, 15-4-2021 (99min). Laura Bolton is a vocal advocate for truth, health, sovereignty and freedom. Once an executive coach and change management consultant, a journey of overcoming various wellness issues led her to leave the corporate world and eventually become a holistic high performance health […]

The Mass Psychosis and the Demons of Dostoevsky – Academy of Ideas

Mirrored from Academy of Ideas, 31-3-2021 (10min): Academy of Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiRiQGCHGjDLT9FQXFW0I3A. Access 51+ membership videos (more added each month) ► http://academyofideas.com/members/​ **Join via Paypal or Credit Card or Bitcoin/Monero** === Get the transcript (and a gallery of the art work) ► https://academyofideas.com/2021/03/ma…​ === The best way to stay in touch and up to date with […]

Vaccine AG19 | Short Film by RAaW London (2016)

Mirrored RAaW London, 15-7-2021 (8:27): In the RAaW short film VACCINE AG19, we get a look at a world nearly wiped out by compulsory vaccinations. Two survivors find each other in a seeming twist of fate and must prevail if they hope to save what’s left of civilization. Blind obedience is dangerous, and sometimes, the […]

Meme Variants – Benny Wills’ Meme Monday

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