Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Prof. Dolores Cahill, lawyer Viviane Fischer questioning mRNA vaccine

Mirrored from Mariaisler70, 22/01/2021 (29min): Advocaat Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Prof. Dolores Cahill en advocate Viviane Fischer betwijfelen de veiligheid van een mRNA vaccin. Mariaisler70 @ Bitchute:

Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth about C-19

Dr. Simone Gold, co-founder of the American Frontline Doctors, speaks about the lies and facts related to covid-19. Mirrored from Mariaisler70, 1-12-2020:

Vervolg verhoren BPOC met huisarts Jannes Koetsier: “Het virologen dogma behoeft fundamenteel onderzoek over de rol van virussen in de natuur”

Gespiegeld van de Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie 2020 covid maatregelen: BPOC: /

Vervolg verhoren BPOC met Pierre Capel, emeritus hoogleraar experimentele immunologie

Gespiegeld van de Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie 2020 covid maatregelen: Hoorzitting 9 januari – Emeritus Hoogleraar in de Experimentele Immunologie. BPOC: Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie:

Ryan Cristián with James Lyons-Weiler – The Politicization Of Medicine & The Dangerous Vaccine Agenda Created

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Dr. Wakefield on Covid Vaccines: “It is not a Vaccine […] it is genetic engineering!”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: “It is not a vaccine […] it is genetic engineering that has never been tested out in human beings before. […] The potential for this to go horribly wrong is enormous! It has never been used in humans before. […] We are already seeing some major problems occurring.” Mirrored from mariaisler70:

French Geneticist Alexandra H. Caude and Irish Professor Dolores Cahill on C-19 vaccines

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Tiffany Dover Dead! Another vaccine casualty via lethal injection!

Mirrored from Debess, 12-28-2020: There’s been a massive campaign to debunk the fact that Tiffany Dover has died — this video shows that every piece of supposed evidence is unfounded. There’s been “NO PROOF OF LIFE” of Tiffany Dover.. until there’s verifiable proof of life, the sad truth is that Tiffany Dover has passed. Video […]

Vervolg verhoren Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie met Dr. Elke de Klerk

Video gespiegeld van, meer informatie: Hoorzitting 13 december 2020 – Elke de Klerk – Huisarts: