Canadian MP Derek Sloan & experts Byram Bridle, Patrick Phillips and Don Welsh raise concerns in Parliament about freedom

Mirrored from cpac, streamed live 17-6-2021 (39min). Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the alleged censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines. The Ontario MP has been critical of lockdowns that have been in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

G7 – Our Rulers Unleashed – Fascinating Analysis of Hypocrisy…

Mirrored from Ivor Cummins, 20-6-2021 (13min). From the wonderful Kate Wand and the superb guys at AIER:“No-fault Czars are no substitute for individual liberty. Politicians vindicated lockdowns by claiming that all the sacrifices are justified if they “save just one life.” But what about “just one freedom” – especially freedoms previously enjoyed by hundreds of […]

Over de echte financiële ramp van dit tijdperk – Paul van Liempt in gesprek met econoom Edin Mujagic

Gespiegeld van De Nieuwe Wereld, 12-6-2021 (41min). Paul van Liempt in gesprek met Edin Mujagic, hoofdeconoom bij OHV vermogensbeheer, over diens aankomende boek: Keerpunt 1971. “We zijn aan het einde van een transitieperiode.” Wat hebben Bitcoin, de crisis van 2007 en de opkomst van het populisme met elkaar te maken? Alle vonden zij hun oorsprong […]

Informed consent: de prikafspraak van Jordy Zwarts | Een Vrede Reeds Gewonnen

Gespiegeld van Een Oorlog Reeds Verloren (14min). Na een trage start is Nederland de laatste tijd in hoog tempo gestegen op de wereldwijde vaccinatieranglijsten. Enorme delen van de bevolking lijken volledig langs elkaar heen te leven; waar velen zielsgelukkig lijken met hun prik, volledig in de veronderstelling dat zij daarmee hun oude leven hebben herwonnen, […]

German C-19 Investigative Committee – Reiner Fuellmich interviews Pieter & Jade Kuit (Dutch Investigative Committee)

Interview from 18-6-2021, mirrored from BPOC 2020 (77min): Source: Website:

A Brief History of Hopium – James Corbett

Mirrored from The Corbett Report (43min). With all these decades and -in the case of the oldest democracies- centuries of broken political promises, you’d think that the public would have caught on to the game by now. But, if anything, recent events have revealed that people are becoming more addicted to this politician-peddled hopium even […]

TLAV – Masks Covered w/ ‘Pneumonia-Causing Bacteria’, Cells Can ‘Write RNA Into Your DNA’ & VAERS Ignored

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond (167min). Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. VIDEO: All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American Vagabond: Want to send a check […]

TLAV – Taylor Hudak interviews Willem Engel – The Fight For Freedom In The Covid Age & The Battle For Our Very Humanity

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 16-6-2021 (40min). Joining me today is scientist and activist Willem Engel, here to discuss his ongoing legal efforts to fight back against what many are referring to as ‘crimes against humanity’ being committed under the guise of fighting COVID-19 – and rightly so – as well as what’s at […]

The HighWire – Dirty Deeds

Watch episode 220 of The HighWire with Del Bigtree here: New Mask Study’s Dirty Secret; Rock Stars Rebel!; Rise in Chronic Illness; Covid Vaccine Injury Puts Ahmed’s Life on Hold; Dr. Roger Hodkinson’s Biggest Concerns about Covid Vaccines

Blckbx TV – “Waar is het bewijs dat Vaccineren werkt?!” vraagt Statisticus Ir. F. Lahr aan Hugo De Jonge…

Gespiegeld van @BLCKBX (33min). “Waar is het bewijs dat Vaccineren werkt?!” vraagt Statisticus Ir. F. Lahr aan Hugo De Jonge… “Dat is de enige echte viruswaarheid is…vaccineren werkt” zei Minister van VWS Hugo de Jonge in de kamer. Hij doet hiermee een stevige claim waarmee hij suggereert dat de terugloop van kwetsbare patiënten in de […]