Green Screen Louis Le Roy on Friday 20th @ The Hub Amsterdam

Green Screen about the Ecocathedral by Louis G. Le Roy

Ekosofia and The Hub present the first Green Screen of 2012 on Friday 20 January. Peter Wouda chairman of the will speak about the pioneering work and philosophy of Le Roy, well known for his wild gardens and the Ecocathedral he has been building on a three hectares terrain in Mildam,

After this introduction we will screen the portret “Life and work in time and space” by filmmaker Beate Lendt, This short documentary about Le Roy has a.o. been shown at the Architecture and Design Filmfestival New York last October and will now be shown at your very own Hub Amsterdam.

We end this inspirational green theme night with a meaningful conversation about co-creatively building an ecocathedral urban district in Amsterdam (Ekosofia) and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to Peter Wouda and Beate Lendt.

Program: Doors open at 19.00h, Presentation starts at 19.30h, Doors close at 22.00h. Entrance 5 euro.

About Louis Le Roy

In Mildam just outside Heerenveen Le Roy has been working on what he has called an ecocathedral for over thirty years. With his bare hands he has been stacking up paving stones, paving bricks, kerbstones and other rubble from the city and allow nature go its own free way. In his work time and space are essential, he advocates sites in urban areas where plants, animals and people will once more be given unlimited space and time. In his words: “From a utopian point of view every city should develop from the creative potential of all the people living in it.”  










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